Developer Services

SERVICES / Developer Services

LR Reed can provide expert consultation services to developers.  

Developer Services

We take the lead on your building management from pre-construction through to handover, ensuring your strata community is delivered to the highest standard.

Our team of experts utilise their background in legal,  accounting, construction, real estate and OC management to provide invaluable OC and building management insights at every stage of the development process.



Pre-Construction Assistance

We provide a thorough review that covers all plans, building requirements and budgets. This allows us to advise on best practice for structuring the owners corporation,  building services and common spaces. We dot the i’s and t’s so your project can be optimised to attract future residents and run efficiently. 

During Construction

Throughout the construction process, we work behind the scenes with the developer, builder, legal team and other key stakeholders to ensure plans, budgets and processes remain up-to-date, cost-effective and realistic.

Handover / Settlement

Once construction is complete and the project is prepared for occupancy, the developer can hand the project over to the the newly established owners corporation. LR Reed ensures a smooth and effective transition for all stakeholders.